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Who is Consult YHN?

Consult YHN is the nation’s largest network of audiology and hearing healthcare professionals. We have over 2,000 Associates, members throughout the country who count on our guidance everyday, and have for more than 20 years! For more on who we are and what we do, please visit us at www.consultyhn.com.

Who will receive my résumé?

Only those practices that are part of the Consult YHN network may access our services. Currently, we have over 2,000 Associates of all sizes, serving all geographic areas of the continental United States.

Can I keep my identity confidential?

Yes. If a confidential email is provided in the “Contact Information” section of your profile, the recruiters only receive your confidential email address, cover letter and résumé. We will suppress all other information in the contact information section to protect your identity. You, however, must make certain that any other contact information is removed from your cover letter and résumé. If you are concerned about a specific employer, you may email us with the name and address of the employer. We will gladly check our database and determine if they are part of our network.

Do I pay a recruiter fee?

No. The practices that are seeking to fill open positions retain our recruiters.

What can I expect from the Recruiters?

A timely review of your qualifications, courtesy and professionalism.

What kind of results can I expect?

Results will depend on your work history, education, geographic location, and job and salary requirements. Consult YHN recruiters will respond immediately to those résumés that match an open position they are seeking to fill. Résumés that are good but don’t match current openings are placed in a candidate database for future job openings. Our recruiters can have many open positions at a time, meaning that you may be considered for several jobs simultaneously.

Who should use this service?

Job seekers who want to take an intelligent approach to searching for their next job. To get a job, you must get your résumé into the hands of recruiters with open positions to fill.

How is Consult YHN recruiting different from other employment sites?

Most employment sites provide a free database to post your résumé, but, with tens of thousands of résumés posted each day across numerous career paths, it’s easy to get lost in the “haystack.” Unlike other resources, we offer our résumé database free to Consult YHN Associates. That greatly increases the number of practices viewing our job seeker profiles. In addition, we can make your job search one step easier by sending your résumé directly to those practices in your geographic area that have vacant positions to fill.

Can Consult YHN Recruiting guarantee success?

We will increase your exposure to the many practices looking for qualified candidates in the hearing healthcare industry. We do guarantee that hundreds of practices can view your résumé and cover letter.

Can my résumé and cover letter be reviewed by recruiters more than once?

Yes. Consult YHN recruiters are continuously filling and receiving new job listings. If you’re not placed in a job after your résumé first posts, you may be considered numerous times as openings are created.

How many practices will receive my résumé?

It depends on the number of positions actively being recruited in your area.

Do practices/employers contact me directly or through you?

Consult YHN recruiters will contact you directly from the information you provide in the “Contact Information” section of your profile. Following your initial screening and evaluation, you may be connected with a hiring manager for interviews.

Can I get a list of the practices who view my résumé?

No. Most practices want to remain confidential.

Do I need to submit a cover letter with my résumé?

No. Cover letters are optional. However, we recommend submitting one because they are beneficial tool for elaborating your skills, experience and objectives.

What format is used for posting?

Your résumé is converted to plain text format. In addition to the MS Word format, you must copy and paste your résumé text into the provided field on our profile form. Many employers and practices cannot accept attachments because of their file size limitations and because viruses may be transmitted via attachments.